Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…..

Here’s my latest Beacon House update:


I had to unstitch about 3” of the top line of the water, back to where I stopped infilling, because I had mistakenly repeated the previous section of chart. This JCS version of the chart is horrible. The chart runs across 3-4 pages and breaks at very inconvenient places- it’s been difficult trying to keep my place. I finally taped all the sections together into one big chart.

Em got me a new purse for my birthday. It has smaller outside pockets than my previous bag, and a single large inner compartment. So I made some zippered organizers so I can find my all-important lottery cards: 

zippered clutch1

Here are the lining colors:

zip clutch green

zip clutch black

zip clutch blue

And this is for my Mom- the thread catcher:

ort jar 5 ort jar 4

Then Em got me this- a leftover from the Olympics:


Google “Steven Colbert” and “Dressage”. He’s made several hysterically funny videos in an attempt to skewer the Romneys, but the videos are too funny. Oh- here: From The Colbert Report and this. And dressage queens united to produce this at Gladstone (site of the Olympic Trials) 

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Deborah said...

Sorry to hear about the frogging. The bags you made are lovely, even if they will hold lottery tickets/ lol