Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Stitching and She Cooks…

Here’s where i stand on Beacon House:


I mostly filled in some water at Thursday stitching group. I had worked on it a little last weekend finishing up the deer ad the variegated snow.

This evening I’ve been invited to supper at my good friends Dianne & Jen’s house. I made a Flat Apple Pie for the grown-ups, and some Vanilla/Vanilla cupcakes for the kids.

flat apple pie cupcakes

I used this no-mess-frosting tip from Our Best Bites. It worked beautifully! Although I wish my frosting recipe made just a scooch more – I divided the white 4 ways to add the color and piping that 3rd cupcake involved me jamming my thumb all the way into the tip to squeeze enough out to cover the cake top. The 4 cupcakes on the bottom you can see are a bit wonky.

But I’m sure they’ll taste fine.



OnTheBit said...

Those cup cakes look adorable! And I am sure that apple pie is soooo good!

Krista said...

Your beacon hill looks great, I just love that pattern! and your pie looks yumm-o! Have a great day!

Deb said...

You're making great progress on your piece. And the pie and cupcakes look yummy!