Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I’m Dancing as Fast As i Can…

I’m back from a 4-1/2 day stint of barn sitting. The 2 guacamoles have moved!!! YAY!!! Now I have to try to get my house clean and back in some sense of order, plus mow the lawn. That damn fertilizer I applied 13 years ago is still making my grass grow too fast! I did a lot of stitching, but I’ll save that for another day (soon- I promise!)

Here are my lilac bushes; it was hard to get photos between all the rainy spells we had.

The big, dark purple bush out front:

 lilac1 lilac2 lilac3 lilac4

The mini, paler one on the side:

mini lilac1mini lilac2

Here’s Huey, the African Gray Parrot:

huey2 huey1

He keeps me fully entertained. He even sang what sounded like a pirate song!

Here’s Axe napping under a tree on one of the hot days we had:

may 2011 axe sleeping


Lee said...

Your lilacs are beautiful! And I'll bet they smell divine.

Nancy said...

Love your lilacs! I have always loved their sweet smell...