Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garden Growing by Leaps & Bounds..

I finished a ten-day stint barn-sitting, and I’m trying to get back to my normal routine. Chicken was at my BF’s for the 10 days, and was spoiled rotten; so much so that I think she’s unhappy at being home!

Here is my Garden Grew progress. I am now 3/4 done!

 GG47 GG48 GG49   GG50


GG52 macro

I have created a fix for my Quaker Halloween and installed an A/C in my downstairs office (formerly the kids’ room) in preparation for the Hotter-Than-Hades Heatwave Tour coming to a town near you soon. Chicken demanded that at the very least. She also wanted dropped eggs on toast for breakfast and a medium rare rib eye for supper, too.

Yeah, right….


Lee said...

Oh my goodness! It's so wonderful and inspiring! You're almost there...

Anna van Schurman said...

Your garden looks great!

Deborah said...

Beautiful Mary! That Chicki, what a kidder.

Deb said...

What an absolutely gorgeous piece. It looks like a lot of fun to work on!