Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It’s Alive!!!

It has been a while since i posted a picture of Beacon House:
As you can see, we now have a boat, and more ocean.
I have other news: the owners of my barn have sold the property to move to Florida, and we had to move the pony to another barn. We've ended up at the barn we wanted to move to way back when, but they had no stalls, which is why we went to Jodi's. Alice has 2 of her own horses, plus one other boarder. She doesn't have the acreage/pastures like Jodi's, but I know she treats Ax like one of her own, I completely trust her and her care. Ax is settling in nicely; Alice is impressed with her manners and good sense. It's almost as good as a compliment about one's own child!
Emily has found close access to some nice riding trails, so that's been a plus. Alice does have an indoor arena, but it's much smaller than Jodi's. It's almost uncomfortably small considering Ax has such a long stride, but at least it's something.
Back to Jodi: her dog Jackson, who was not a very happy camper the last time I barn sat, ended up being diagnosed with a thyroid condition, as well as coincidentally being afflicted with sudden onset blindness. His sight seemed fine when i was there, but within about 2 weeks of them returning from vacation, he was almost totally blind. Now his sight is completely gone, and his thyroid treatnment seems to be working, so he's still not the same dog (perky, bouncing, wacky and off-the-wall). Now he's timid, cautious and subdued. He's going to have a difficult adjustment at their new house, learning where everything is.

It was heaven on earth at Jodi's. Beautiful property, and wonderful friends.


Krista said...

Great progress on your Beacon Hill, I have enjoyed watching you stitch on this one. I hope you settle into the new location, and I hope Jackson does too... it is hard to see our furry friends having a difficult time.

OnTheBit said...

I can't imagine what the fields were like at Jodi's if the one in the picture is "small"!

xeyedmary said...

That last picture was at Jodi's. Axe had her choice between 2 fields each at least an acre or two apiece, all to herself! Alice has a field at her house about a half acre, plus the individual grassy turn-outs, maybe 50 feet by 25 feet. Since the pens are conveniently at the back of the barn, that's where they get turned out. Needless to say, I was looking at her pen today and she's eaten the grass down to nubs.