Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Humble Apologies...

I owe you all a post (or three). I've been mostly in a vegetative state on the couch with the remote after getting all my equine & canine obligations done for the past week.

Here's T&T- I haven't gotten back to it since last Thursday, I think:


Apparently, I my chart is the last draft before the "final issue". I had contacted Paulette from Plum St.Samplers with a couple of chart questions/typo clarifications. She was very prompt with her response. She had made some final tweeks that didn't get saved on her computer. One that you could notice is the smoke trail thru that tree behind the house- her final version didn't show this. Her photo model looks like it was filled in after the fact with the same floss as the tree- with a different section of color so it "matches" but not quite. I kind of like the effect in my photo; however, I may infill with the same color but in a smyrna cross, or add a strand of gray to the maroon. Decisions, decisions! Something more to procrastinate about.

Shout out to Ms. Jeanne the gallbladder queen! Get well soon!

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