Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CCCRRRAAAPPP!!! (In a Scottish accent)

I've turned into such a slug of a blogger that I don't even bother to read my own blog anymore!!

Sorry about that. The boyfriend unit tends to communicate with his amore via the interwebs in the evening; he'll offer to log off so that I can log on to do my stuff, but by then I'm engrossed in must-see TV and any inclination to spend time staring at a computer has dwindled to non-existent proportions.

The pony has been good for me. Last week was tough because I was fighting off a head cold (successfully, I might add).

My boss gave me "permission" to "needlepoint" if I should choose, as we've slowed to a crawl here at work in architectural drafting-land. Since then, my free time has been spent reviewing shop drawings for doors & hardware for some 1oo doors, waiting for people to show up here for various reasons and my boss's wife has enlisted my graphic skillz (such as they are) in a small project that I'd just as soon NOT be part of. In other words, I haven't had a chance to stitch!

This past Saturday I did a lot of handyman stuff: changed the whole house water filter, added salt to the water softener system, purged the hot water heater, spread pesticide around the foundation of the house, mowed the lawn (2 + weeks' worth of growth!) made rotisserie chickens, rode the horse, bathed the dog, had keys made, grocery shopped...hhmmm.. I think that's about it. Just when I was about to sit down & stitch, the phone would ring or people would come home and need some dinner.

I have a little progress on PSChristmas Eve, but haven't had a chance to take a photo yet.

And that's a wrap. Pot roast in the crock pot waiting for me at home (providing it didn't burn my house down). "Wonderful Wednesday Wrecipe" contestant, I think....


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Wanda said...

It's all good!! You are keeping busy and doing things you want to do...well, okay....you NEED to do, or HAVE to do. Well, in some cases don't really WANT to do but HAVE to do!!! ha ha ha I'm patient....