Friday, December 17, 2010

Funniest Blog Post EVER! (not mine…)

The daughter & D.B both work at a horse/dog product catalog retailer. She is now in the office doing accounting and administrative assisting, making use of all that expensive college education, having moved up from the shipping department in the warehouse. D.B. is a one-man whirling dervish in the warehouse. He single-handedly keeps the whole operation from imploding by keeping all the dog and horse crap organized on their pallet racks, picking orders for delivery, and fending off jealous attacks on his integrity from some dimwit bitch who’s afraid he’s going to take her job -and good reason too- she spends all day on Facebook, but since she lets her supervisor have “his way” with her,  she (for now) has job security.

Anyway, lots of canine & equine emails/jokes/references/blogs/stories/rumors/gossip get passed around in the office. And this gem sifted its way to the top of the pile on my daughter’s desk. And since we share the same bitter, sarcastic and twisted sense of humor, she had the good sense (all the expensive college education don’tcha know!) to forward it to me.

I was laughing so hard last night, I had to wait until this morning to pass it along to all of you. If you have dogs, or have EVER had a dog, you must read this. And note the cartoons- the expressions on the dogs’ faces are priceless!

From my new favorite blog, Hyperbole and a Half .

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