Saturday, October 1, 2011

For the Birds…

Here’s Beacon House, after stitching Thursday:


And a little closer, for those of you who may want to critique my proficiency at stitching:


I’m enjoying my time with this piece, although I don’t seem to be progressing very quickly. Maybe it’s all the double-checking the chart so often? The difference between this photo and last post’s is about 3 hours of stitching time.

I’m picking up some Chinese for dinner with Bob at rehab.

We had one day (yesterday) of “dry” (as in not-humid”) air, and today we’re back in the soup. I’m really getting tired of feeling like a grease-ball and having the frizzy hair-do!


Denise said...

Unless you expand the picture - you can't see the wonderful stitching in the tree! Love the detail - and it makes the tree just stand OUT!

Unfortunately, sometimes 3 hours of stitching doesn't show up very well. Maybe soon you'll be flying along

Bec said...

It is coming along very nicely. :)

Every stitch counts! no matter how much or how little you put in.