Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time is Getting away from me….

We had our annual Stitching group Christmas party last Thursday. We went to an Italian restaurant called The Chateau. I had a combo plate of chicken parm, fried ravioli, and a meatball. It was so yummy I ate almost all of it! Then we went to Jeanne’s house for dessert.   I wish I hadn’t eaten 2 slices of Scali bread!

Joanne had brought Cupcake Charlie’s (of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!) 


Berry Champagne flavor and Chocolate Candy Cane:


Jeanne baked the Pecan Tassies in the foreground- so delicious!


She also baked Surprise Cookies; they are in the back beyond the plate of tassies.


Here’s Deborah, of Cranberry Samplings, taking my picture while I took hers. Check out her latest blog post for more of our merry shenanigans.

Jeanne pulled out all the stops when it came to decorating her house. Just get a look at her Christmas Village display:

 IMG_0742IMG_0741 IMG_0743 IMG_0744  IMG_0746

Two tables’ worth! Her husband wires all the houses so it’s entirely lit. It’s just stunning.

Here’s a view across the kitchen island back towards the breakfast area:


And this is so cute- it’s a glass block filled with mini lights. Jeanne changes the adornment for each holiday throughout the year.


Here’s the tree:


It’s actually very straight, despite the photo. I promise it’s NOT because I was drinking! I wish I could decorate my tree like this. It seems it’s a skill I was born without. My tree always looks like I threw the ornaments on from across the room.


An Anna-Lea (?) doll- a lamb knitting a sweater!

Jeanne gave me 2 wonderful gifts- I can’t wait to use them both:

magnetic measuring spoons


And Joanne Chang’s cookbook “Flour”


I want to make EVERYTHING in this book! The recipes look easy, with in-your-cupboard-already ingredients. Plus a lot of the recipes have a stop-here-and-refrigerate-for-when-you-have-more-time-to-finish steps. Awesome for those of us who have places to go & things to do every day after work.

If you click on the pictures they should enlarge.

Thanks to Jeanne and Joanne for a fantastic evening!


Deborah said...

You took many more pictures than I. So many great things to look at. Now on my next post i will have to post the picture of you. You know what they say about pay back. It's a ......

Anna van Schurman said...

My tree looked like we had thrown ornaments on it also. Then I went to Target and invested $15 in sparkly white garland. That shit really ties a tree together.