Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Stitching Update…

Beacon House progress:


My piece of yellow floss ran out with one row to go. I also don’t think the individual snowflakes show up very well as the Smyrna crosses that they are. I used one strand of floss for those because they were just a hot mess with 2 strands.

I obviously didn’t finish this for my barn owner:

CoHRH Sq 10 4

But this year I’m planning *SNORT* (we’ll see how that goes!!) to stitch an ornament a month again.

Jane brought these delicious peanut-butter brownie bites:

brownie bites

The peanut butter was low fat, so these were virtually health food! We all had several- yummy!

Off to my couch-TTFN!


Deborah said...

Gosh, I hate it when I miss snacks. See you next week.

Peggy Lee said...

Oh I hate it when I run out of floss with just a bit to go.
Wish I was disciplined enough to stitch an ornament a month. My brain is to flighty for that!

I love me some health food. hehee