Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stuff…

Worked at the barn Friday, Saturday, & Sunday morning and afternoons. Had a small side job to do Friday morning as well, and then a call to help out my HVAC engineer friend Saturday morning. Here’s my progress on Beacon House:


It doesn’t look like much, just more snow infill, but I did 2 birds over one (the 2 darker blue ones):

 BH14A BH14B

Today, I tried to recreate Deborah’s ort “jar” from memory:

ort jar2 ort jar1

Looking back at Deb’s, I see I need to use a narrower seam allowance, plus make it a tiny bit bigger overall, and a larger radius on the arc on the points. Oh, and maybe be a little neater when I double-sew seams….


Deborah said...

The ort container looks great. From point to point the measurement is 4 1/2 inches. Hope this helps. Bring it on Thursday.

Krista said...

Love that Beacon House design.. absolutely perfect time of year to enjoy stitching that one!