Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water, water everywhere....

I finished the water portion of Beacon House:

Then the snow....I have to remember I want to add a lost mitten in the snow somewhere. It's not on the chart but I think I can wing it.
In other news, the Axe pony was the source of angst and lessening of the bank account today. The barn called to say she wasn't "acting right" and didn't finish breakfast. Not good- and made for upsetting flashbacks to the weekend Axe coliced over the summer and Bob died. Emily got there first & called to say "get the vet- her head is swollen". Which is kind of bizarre, but sure enough, when I get there, her muzzle is grossly swollen- close to twice its normal petite size. And very sore to the touch. The farrier came by too- he was supposed to do her shoes, but wanted to see what was up  with her face, and he said it felt very warm- like an infection. Long story short, after a sedation, a shot of pain killer, and a very painful oral exam, the vet thinks it's an allergic reaction to something she's ingested. She administered a steroid shot and gave me an Rx for steroid tablets. And a follow up visit mid-week.
Our guess was an infected tooth, but the vet said her mouth looked "awesome" - no cuts or foreign objects or broken teeth.
That's me: Mary "The strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected, day late and a dollar short, queen of procrastinators" Murphy. Also, very cold. Brrrrrr


Ranae said...

Looking good!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Good job on Beacon House. It's coming along. Good luck with the horse.

Deborah said...

Yeah on the water portion of the design. I am so sorry about Axe. Hopefully she is feeling better. See you Thursday.

Kimmie said...

Awwwwwww.....poor nose!!!!!

I gotta find a stitch sun for my beach....and somehow get it where it needs to be.