Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

It was a l-o-n-g weekend. I worked at the barn everyday, plus evening feed Friday.

So much for enjoying a "sleep-in" on a holiday "day-off".

Well, I've already looked at the calneder & July 4th is on a Wednesday-OOPS! Sorry! Wednesdays are NOT my work day at the barn. I love how the kids whine about how they can't possibly work seven days a week! It's alright for the rapidly aging, cranky 45 year old to work 7 days, but not the 19 & 20 somethings.

I got a new phone- a Fire Motorola KRZR. So far I like it, but I hvae to get all my phone numbers in there & I think Verizon wants to charge me like $20 for the priviledge of doing so.
I had some drama when the purchase involved shutting off Emily's LG phone for a whole day; long story not worth writing about.

I cooked on the grill every day this weekend- Bob came over all 3 days. We had hot dogs & potato salad & bruschetta Saturday, then had more hot dogs plus burgers and corn on cob & same sides Sunday, then steak, home fires & same sides today. I made Rice Krispie treats for dessert today.
Emily & I got waffle bowl sundaes from DQ last night after I mowed the lawn. I REALLY want another tonight!
No stitching though. ;(
I finished "The Devil Wears Prada". It was good- I haven't seen the movie, yet; I'll probably see that sometime when it's on TV. I was imagining Meryl Streep in the Miranda role as I read, but Anne Hathaway as Andy didn't stick. The incidental characters in the book seem to be the basis for all the incidental characters on "Ugly Betty".
Well, I have to go take soem Aleeve, get my laundry from the dryer & crash on the couch to rest my sore tootsies.

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