Saturday, May 5, 2007

My footsies..

are SO sore!
I did 5 hours at the barn; then showered & drove into Boston. I brought back a bunch of Em's stuff. We got food at the Student Union- it was good. i got a chicken quesadilla in honor of Cinco De Mayo, and Em got a chinese chicken plate.
Traffic was molasses-slow on th eway home, but I got there in time to walk Chicken then zooom back up the barn to feed.
Then I dragged out the lawn mower. The new gas can I bought last night has a 3/4" slice (opening the carton maybe?) just below the level of the gas I bought (not realizing there was a slice of course).
And what do you know? It staretd on the first pull! So I proceeded to mow half the lawn.
Now I feel better.
Still have to clean this room & the bath (and the rest of my house) for Mom.
I have a couple of odds & ends to get at Walmart too.
I have to get to bed.

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