Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now I have some time...

First my finishes: Sweet Nothings:
“Homeward At Last”
by JBW Designs
28 ct. Jobelan “Thyme”mostly GAST with 1 or 2 WDW and/or Crescent Colors conversions

I did this as a pillow for Denis & Joan. Mom finished the stuffing & tassels & helped me with the sashing.

Heart In Hand:
“red letter day”
28 ct. jobelan unknown color recommended WDW & GAST threads

This was my first finish; I started it Wednesday or Thursday evening and finished Monday afternoon.

I did this Monday afternoon & finished Monday night-about 3 hours total.

Heart In Hand:
“sleep tight”
28 ct. jobelan antique whiterecommended WDW & GAST threads

I will try to add my Ireland Webshot album as a link.

I just found out I can't back up that album, though. I might look into Fliker.

I will edit when I look this up- I think it was on the way to or from Kenmare.

Here' s Mom in front of the bridge to Valencia Island; we're on the Portmagee side. The public restroom here had a 'Best of Ireland 2002" award- it WAS very clean!

Now that i have all my chores & such caught up on, I will try to add more stuff about our trip. We had such a wonderful, relaxing time. I'm glad I was able to take my mom while she can still travel and enjoy it.


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