Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Me out!

So I barn-sat Saturday night- Jodi's daughter got married. I also had to watch Jodi's 3 dogs, plus her daughter's 2-year-old chocolate lab. I think Bruschi (the lab) needs some Ritalin.

On Sunday morning, after I put chicken legs & meatballs into 2 different crockpots in Jodi's kitchen, and cleaned stalls, I dropped my cell into the toilet, luckily BEFORE I had used it. So I was unable to receive Jodi's call that her BIL & wife were on their way, Jodi's daughter having asked her parents to host a post-wedding cookout on Sunday.  I was able to go home when Jodi & her husband arrived about 10:00 AM, about 45 minutes after the BIL, who wasn't too keen on 3 huge and 1 little dog jumping all over their car. I called Bob to tell him I was calling from my house phone and the sad accident with my cell.

HE arrived about 30 minutes later and spent the afternoon. I reinserted my phone battery & viola! It worked! I took it apart again to let it completely dry. After he left, I fiddled on the computer (jig saw puzzle!) for a couple of hours, then loaded up laundry for the laundromat (trying to conserve well water). On the way out the door, I considered taking my phone, but didn't want to stop & put it together again, telling myself that Bob would have called if he was having trouble, and he knew to call my house phone if my cell wasn't working.

I got back around 6:10, and my house phone rang. It was Bob, who confessed that it had been so long that he had called my house (we've been using cell phones for the past 6 years- free calls), he had to call information for the number, AND try to remember my street name when he couldn't get thru on my cell.

His truck had overheated on his way home about 15 minutes away, and couldn't reach me or his son, so he walked the mile or so back to a gas station for water, then back to his car again. Mind you, he's got one foot in a cast and an oxygen tank. You'd think someone would have stopped.

So I feel like shit because I didn't have my call on or with me. But why he couldn't just look at his phone for my earlier call is beyond me. I told him I was calling from my house phone because my cell didn't work. Well, actually it isn't beyond me: it just goes to prove that men DON'T listen when we girls talk.

And that's the summation of my weekend.

The Closer resumes tonight- yay for original content TV!


Wanda said...

OH NO!!!!What a mess!!! But don't feel guilty....everything happens for a reason even if we don't see the reasoning behind the event. Isn't it amazing that no one stopped? It kind of makes me lose a little faith in mankind. So now...we have to look for that lost faith. Something will happen..something unexpected and heart-warming...and our faith will be restored! Keep smiling and plugging away at it!

Cookie Madness said...

Hi Mary,

I just saw your comment on Cookie Madness. I'm glad you liked the brownies!