Saturday, June 20, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being...

NO- not "green".....just....being.

My stitching buddies know the long, sad, so sad it's funny story about Bob & his truck and my eyes cross just thinking about it again, so I won't bore you with it.

I meant to post last night but the 2 guacamoles were here lounged all over the living room, so I couldn't take pictures. I couldn't post Thursday night because I'm a crazy sap who can't bear to see them spending money on takeout food, so I offered to go to the supermarket for taco fixings. By the time I washed all the dishes, and listened to Bob's tales of woe, it was 9:30, and they're lounging around the living room.

So without further ado, here is photographic proof of my stitching:

Garden Grew (yay! I LOVE this piece!):


Here's a closeup of the vase of flowers I completed:

GG19 macro

I started the next BBD stocking from February:

Mar 16

This is 2 lunch breaks worth of work.

I've been getting progressively more unenthusiastic about these the more I work on them. I don't know why- I love BBD stuff....well... maybe I'm drawn more to their older designs- the ones with the cute houses, for instance. So, anyway, I came across this in Cranberry Cross Stitch (plug for Deb) at stitching night:

Christmas Sampler-Ewe & Eye & friends

"Christmas Sampler" by Ewe & Eye & Friends. It's just a little (5" x 5"-ish) Quaker-like spot sampler. I've been toying with the Mary Wigham SAL project, and Wanda is doing "Spirit of Vierlande"- her colorway is stunning. I figured this little thing will re-boot my stitching mojo, so I can get Garden finished and those damn stockings out of my bag. I kind of want to start one of my Long Dogs and while exiled to my bedroom the other night, I went stash diving and came across this:

Quaker Virtues

I'd get help from the S&B girls about colors- I don't think I want an entirely monochromatic look.

Well, I'm killing time until the farrier ("rockstar" in sing-song voice!) comes this afternoon. Time well spent stitching....

Happy Needles!


Glenna said...

Garden is looking remarkable--so many motifs! I've always liked E&E designs--such a nice do-able size. I've looked and looked at Mary Wigham, but I'm just not up for it, although I've seen some colorways I really like.

Wanda said...

That garden of yours is growing and growing...more gorgeous each time you show it! Thank you for the link on your site. and also for the Mary Wigham link...that's a very nice site that I hadn't seen before. I know what you mean about the stitching mojo sort of wandering off....I just can't seem to get started. You'd think the crappy weather would be GOOD for stitching. I'm just restless and grouchy