Monday, August 17, 2009

Big, Fat, Frowny Face...


Hi y'all, as the effervescent Paula Dean likes to say.

Spent the weekend barn sitting, and while it wasn't too taxing labor-wise, the heat just made it downright unbearable. If I wasn't worried about how Chickie was doing at my house, I was worried how the poor horses were handling it. Chicken has finished up her course of antibiotics, and is now down to just 1/2 a cortisone tablet a day. I think it's the cortisone that's making her pee like crazy; it's been "accident"-city for going on 2 weeks now. I've resorted to just leaving a mat of newspaper for her to go on (and luckily, she knows what it's for) because she just can't hold it. Either that, or her favorite online celebrity, Stewey Spinster, is communicating in code to her thru his posts, advocating indoor potty time as a distraction for me so she can take over my blog while I'm occupied cleaning up.

Anyway, no stitching occurred, even though I brought Garden Grew with me, as well as Barnyard Snapper. It was just too HOT!

And as happens at a barn, no matter how hard I try to stay clean, I always felt like I had a film of dirt on me. You horse people out there know what happens when you walk thru the barn in your non-barn clothes: your horse snorts all over your pants leg, and then wipes its nose on the back of your arm.

Based on weather forecasts for the upcoming week, the only stitching will be happening in the air conditioned office, or at S&B Thursday night.

I can't wait for winter.


OnTheBit said...

You don't have air conditioning and Em still comes home every summer. You must be a fun Mom :P.

Wanda said...

My cat has been on cortisone shots for a long time and yes, frequent peeing is a side affect. At least with cats. I hope Chicken is feeling better though. I'm sure the heat is miserable for our furry family members.

OnTheBit said...

I got your comment and wouldn't you know that I acutally use tuff stuff! Only for Gen (knock on wood Texas has amazing feet. Espeically considering his owner will only pay for them to be done every 4 months, even though I pay every month extra money towards vet and farrier...can you tell I am frustrated...but she reads my blog so I am careful) anyway. I love tuff stuff when the feet start to go soft. I usually only use it on Gen in the spring because that is normally the only time he needs it. This year I am using it now! I only put is on 2 times a week and the 2 key things are to not put it ANYWHERE NEAR the correnet band. Just put it from right above the nail area down and I don't so anything on the sole. The 2nd secret is to make sure you do it when Axe's hoof is DRY. Like no where near anything wet or even moist for at least an hour. Since Gen is on night turnout it works out well for me because when I come in the middle of the day he has been hanging out in his dry stall so I can throw it on first and give it time to dry before I give him a shower. If not it turns this ugly white color. If put on correctly it leaves a brilliant shinny band at the bottom of the foot. I hope that helps and the supplement will kick in sooner then you think so hopefully in 2 months you will look back and laugh at how bad her feet were.