Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Calgon Take ME Away!


sad chickie

Is this too cute or what!!??

Someone's having her annual heat rash itch (or something) and is totally miserable with herself. I made a vet app't tomorrow; unfortunately, I think it'll involve one of those satellite dishes around her head. :^(

Someone took her horse swimming in the ocean this week.

jennianne emily

the sea

diving in

Her friend trailered them to Duxbury Beach the other night. Evidently, horses can be on the beach after 6 PM.

beach 2

big wave

beach fun

Fun times


LivnLaf said...

Thanks for the beautiful beach pictures. That is on my short list of things to do with Johnny. Closest I've come is River running though. I'm 3 hours minimum from any Atlantic beaches and the rivers run pretty shallow in some areas so it remotely makes up for my desire to get him in the ocean.

Wanda said...

Oh I hope the poor puppy is doing better. How miserable and sad...that sweet little look. Wow...riding a horse in the ocean! That must be a natural high!