Saturday, April 3, 2010


I finally got my septic pumped out; good thing, too, it was full. When he finished pumping, water came pouring back in from the leaching field. We waited for about 30 minutes for it to stop. It did slow, but not completely, and he pumped an additional 500 gallons out.

While I was waiting for him to show up this morning, I unstitched and starting re-stitching Quaker Halloween:

CS Quaker Halloween4

Much better!

Then I went to the mall- the second time since before Xmas! I needed new personal items (ahem – Miss Vickie’s) and some Clinique soap bars- the small travel sizes. Plus Macy’s was having Clinique bonus time. Unfortunately, the did not have my soap in stock. So NO bonus for me! I did score this (because I am totally hopeless in the house wares department- I want one of everything!):

ms bowl
it’s a brilliant deep robin’s egg blue melamine bowl by Martha Stewart. There are matching kitchen towels, too. I WANT SOME!

Then I went home before I caused some serious damage. No need for you to see my "personals".

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Glenna said...

Of course we want to see the personals! LOL! Sometimes a trip to the mall is therapeutic.