Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday Night Stitching…

I was able to work a couple of hours on Quaker Halloween this week, plus Thursday night. I finished the hat motif, and the acorn motif:

 CS Quaker Halloween15

CS Quaker Halloween15A

I also was swayed by the evil temptress, E’Bay, and won 3 linen cuts, for not a lot of money: 

    ebay linens

36 ct. Edinborough  “Dirty” Linen, 27 ct. R&R “Over the Hill Purple”,  and 28 ct. “Nordic Blue” unspecified brand. I’m going to use the blue for a “Swirly Snow” freebie chart I found online, probably as my July ornament. That should hopefully cool me off some! %^P


Vonna said...

Love that Halloween Quaker! Great Progress going there :)
And what sweet fabbies you won!

Peggy Lee said...

A very nice win...lucky you!
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I can't believe the outpouring of kindness I've found in this new blogworld! Thanks also for steering me in the right direction with cranberry blog. I will correct that soon.
Take care of yourself!
~~Peggy Lee