Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend stuff….

When Em graduated from BU last month, her cousin was also graduating from Army boot camp in Oklahoma the same day. Em’s grandfather and aunts went out to OK to see that event. Em didn’t take any offense, nor did I, seeing as I wasn’t planning on any festivities anyways. Then I got a call about 10 days ago, from my ex-sister-in-law, to invite me to a party they were having Father’s Day, for Em’s grandfather and to celebrate Em’s graduation. I accepted, made  a platter of taquitos, and was completely reminded of the fact that I totally LOVE my ex-in-laws! Or outlaws, as I like to call them. Don’t care too much for the ex-husband (who didn’t attend), but I’ve been divorced for 13 years now, longer than the length of my marriage, and it was like we hadn’t seen each other since last week. Of course, all of Em’s cousins’ children were now in elementary school, as opposed to being babies, but they are all bubbly and vivacious and fun to watch. And they remind everyone of when Em was that age (she was the youngest grandchild of her generation). Em’s 2 oldest aunts are now retired, in their mid-60’s. They are almost 20 years older than her father, so their kids (Em’s cousins) are about 12-15 years older than her. The out-laws love to have family get-togethers for EVERY occasion, which I found tiresome when I was married, but since I haven’t been to one in years, it wasn’t really all that bad. I’m glad I went, and grateful that they made me feel so welcome.

On a less bright note, I found out Saturday afternoon, driving Bob home, that my air conditioner in my car no longer works. SURPRISE! I don’t personally care, but I know there will be times that Bob will need it this summer. Plus I’m guessing my de-fogger capabilities (the only time I use my AC by default) won’t be too good. I’m wondering if the broken AC is related to my computer issue I had in March? Needless to say, i don’t have an extra $300 lying around to have it fixed.


These are really weeds- Milk pods, but kind of like alliums, just not as pretty colored: Allium_Globemaster .

allium3 My weeds.

My lavender:


These aren’t weeds. I clipped a couple of bunches to hang in my bathrooms. I LOVE the aroma!

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