Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give away Alert!

I just came across a new blog, I Meant To Do That! on Peggy Lee’s Kentucky Sampler blog. It seems another Peggy is having a floss give-away! She has some wonderful photos of her stitching, as well as her Mom’s stitching. Please head over to check it out.

I’ve been in a stitch-y, blog-y rut lately. I just can’t seem to get in gear to pick up a needle or write a post. Maybe I don’t feel compelled to write because I haven’t been stitching?

It’s my turn for snacks at S & B tomorrow night. I made this:

almond poppy bread2

It’s Almond Poppy Seed Bread from My Best Bites. It’s supposed to be baked in 2 loaf pans, but I only have one, so I baked it in my tube pan. I made it this way in a test run a couple of weeks ago, and it was very good- like a pound cake. I thought it was even tastier after a couple of days, so I made it last night.

American Idol starts again tonight. I haven’t been a regular viewer in the past few years; I was finding the cattle call rounds too painful to watch. They know certain people have no talent whatsoever, why be so mean as to put them on national television for public humiliation? The last season that held my attention was the David Cook year, and even then, I was late to the party- I only watched the contest portion. (Did I mention my huge crush on David Cook?) Anyway, the Steven Tyler/Jennifer Lopez thing sounds intriguing. I read an opinion yesterday that Steven is being a combo of Simon and Paula: honest but kind, which makes me want to watch. I best get supper cooked and the dishes washed!

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Peggy Lee said...

I need to go to that site and check it out. Your bread/cake looks moist and delicious.

I wanted to check out American Idol tonight too but Masterchief is watching the Military channel right now. He's not a big fan of Idol.