Wednesday, January 12, 2011


That would be OCD when it comes to shoveling snow. I can’t seem to go out and just do my own car; I have to do the whole driveway in my own precise methodical way. And regret it for the following 3 days.

Then come in & have a big bowl of oatmeal. Not instant or quick-cooking, but the old fashioned kind- YUM!


with milk & maple syrup! This is Silver Palate brand oatmeal- very tasty, a little more coarse than Quaker Oats.

In preparation for our snowstorm, i baked a cranberry bread (thanks for the idea Jeanne!) AND a batch of brownies last night. I think it’s PMS.

The 2 guacamoles helped out this afternoon for round two(they also came out to clean out the rest of their own cars in the am), and although I picked up the shovel “just to make a path to the cars”, I handed my weapon over to Em when they came out, and picked up the windshield brush/scraper to clean off the cars.

Chickie is exhausted from all the shoveling and is now sacked out on the couch.


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Kimmie said...

Ohhhhhh....shoveling....that's why my arms ache so badly today. Two days of driveway duty!!!!

I'm going to go find an Aleve.