Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of What???

At least yesterday was nice. I’m having a dreadful PMS/menopausal psychosis and literally ran away to the barn yesterday afternoon. I had been asked to feed lunch to the horses and let the dogs out because the owners were out all day. I grabbed my stitching bag in which I had this kitted up and ready to go: 


“Hilltop Seasons” by The Sunflower Seed. It’ll look like this:


I fed the animals, let the dogs out and then back in, and sat in my nice warm car. The sun was absolutely splendid! I stitched for almost 2 hours, then napped for about half an hour and then it was time to bring in the horses that were in their pastures. When I got home, I grilled a hamburger outside, and chilled out on the couch until the 2 guacamoles got home.

I also finished this last week, except for the little buttons:

HinH Wee Santa 2010 4

And today I’m still very crabby and feeling out of sorts, but have to go to a Selectmen’s meeting for a hearing about the TATTOO parlor (!!!!!) that is moving into the strip mall behind my house- just f*%$*^-ing NICE.


Teresa said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. I will have to look up Sunflower Seed, not aware of them. Can't wait to hear how the Tattoo Parlor comes out.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Jeanne said...

Sorry about the PMS; I remember those dreaded days. I'm sure the rest of the family does, too. Just what our little town needs--a tattoo parlor! What's next?


Deborah said...

Mary, I don't know what to say about the $%*#@ tattoo place. I guess it could be worse.

Kimmie said...

Sorry to hear you're in PMS overload. I'm working on mine and hope it doesn't get too bad the next day or 2. Kids on Spring Break and PMS don't mix.

The stitches look great!!!!

Maybe the tattoo parlor won't be so bad.....they ain't what they used to be. LOL

Raven/Missy said...

I hope you feel better soon! Your new start looks great and the Santa does too!