Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snoopy Dancin’ Time…..


Quaker halloween1

A Quaker  Halloween Samplerby Cherished Stitches

on 40ct. ivory linen with Thread Gatherers’ Silk ‘N Colors of my choosing

I will have to do some snipping of hanging chads on the back, but it is done. I looked back & my first post about this was March 30, 2010. I did enjoy every minute of this one, though., even though I screwed up the bottom. Here’s my fix:

quaker halloween macro

I also threw in a couple of more bats and an extra cat in some of the unintended large voids.

I imagine I’ll find a couple of missed stitches when I do my snipping.

I just received my fabric for “Winter at Beacon House” from the Jan/Feb Just Cross Stitch magazine. I have to get my floss- there is a large quantity of floss required for that one, 5 skeins of the white, 4 of the oatmeal, 3 of the sea blue and reds, etc., plus all the individual skeins. I also have my eye on starting Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, which I received as a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I have the fabric for that one too, and I have all the DMCs, and I think I bought the required multiple skeins of ice blue over dyed. I also need to get back to Hilltop Seasons. That’s been collecting dust in my bag….


Peggy Lee said...

I just spent the last little while going back through your posts with pictures of the Quaker Halloween Sampler in progress. You did a fantastic's beautiful. You should be very pleased!

I also found a few recipes I had forgotten about.

Glenna said...

I love how that turned out, with the orange accents! Sounds like you're getting your projects lined up for winter...hard to believe it'll be fall soon.

Anna van Schurman said...

Wow! Looks great. Nice job. {Clap clap}

Deborah said...

I love it! I know that I've seen it all along the journey but I still love it. You did some additions. We're proud because you took some of our advice.

Kimmie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!