Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For My One Remaining reader....

Here's a progress shot of Rites of Spring:

ROS 11

My plan was to finish it this weekend- I even had Friday off for the vet & farrier. Well, that didn't happen (Ahem...I've been nominated for queen of Procrastinators Anonymous 18 times!). I worked on it yesterday at work and intended to finish it TODAY, and then my boss stayed in the office until 1:30, and the accountant lady stayed until 2:30. *SIGH*

The Axinator isn't as badly lame as I feared: she's sore the most in the left front heel & ankle (who knew???!!) as well as the back right hock. Both front fetlocks (or cankles in her case) and both hind hocks (elbows for the un-equinated) are experiencing the marvels of arthritis due to age, racing career of 9 years, and jumping for 5 more years. We're applying an anti-inflammatory ointment before & after riding for 10 days, and repeat after 5 days without. She is still progressing wonderfully on this new supplement, and the vet thinks maybe I've hit on a good combination with the old supplement. Long story short- it didn't even cost me more than $240 for the vet visit. She recommended some shoeing changes to my farrier, and everything looks very hopeful.

Nothing more on my September ornament, and I got my new 2008 JCS ornament issue. I agree with everyone else: why the hell didn't they note the page number that the picture appears on somewhere within the stitching directions??!!

Tonight is the first night since Sunday morning I've turned this infernal machine on; and now it's time to watch "House".



OnTheBit said...

at least Axe has a good report from the vet and nothing too horrible is wrong. And X broke his hip last year and has arthritis in his right front and he is still trucking along just fine. I bet that riding her really does help her out a lot. Hope the supplements keep working.

Linda said...

Glad Axe is doing better. See you thursday!

From your only reader......

Vonna said...

It sounds like good news from the vet!
Rites of Spring is looking fabulous :))

XmaryX said...

Thanks for all the compliments & good wishes (and faithful readers)!