Friday, September 12, 2008


Sorry- not feeling very clever today; in fact, I feel a HUGE hormonal rush of sobbing just waiting to be triggered at the back of my eyes- SO DON'T START ON ME!

Here's my progress on Rites of Spring:

ROS 10

I should just try to finish it tonight.

Oooh! OOh! I'm so excited!! (Talk about mood swings!)

I got Toil & Trouble:

PSS Double Trouble

and the flosses I didn't have. Underneath, in the foreground, are 3 choices I have of fabric in my stash. I think I like the green-ish one on the right. I was drooling over it today at work, and noticed a couple of errors: One symbol isn't listed on the key, and another appears to be mis-symboled. I emailed Plum Street Samplers for clarification. This is my first time trying that: contacting the designer. Let's see if she responds. Most other people who've mentioned writing to other designers about errata seem to have good results.

Here's my pee-boy:


That's Delilah trying to be center of attention, as usual, the slut.

Here's a blurry Chicken (she's just too wiggly):


All right- here's Delilah her bad self on the left, playing coy with the camera:


OK- where'd my "labels" and "date" thingy go?


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