Sunday, May 30, 2010


Itsy bitsy spider:

CS Quaker Halloween11A

and an overview:

CS Quaker Halloween11

Garden Growing more:


and more:


Almost done with Page 10! That’s halfway done!

Glorious day at the barn:

 glorious day greta



Sara carrying a rock


Huey the bird.


He has an amazing  vocabulary. Jodi’s husband works from home sometimes; he has to shut his office door because Huey imitates the fax machine beep and causes the phone to disconnect while he’s on a call. In addition to repeating their conversations verbatim, he imitates the beeps of the microwave, the answering machine, the UPS back-up beep, and the smoke detector. (which he performed the very first night I slept over.) He also recites phone conversations taped on the answering machine, all kinds of whistles. I sit and stitch and just listen to him all day!

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Raven/Missy said...

Your stitching all looks magnificent. I love the Halloween Quaker, it looks great!