Thursday, May 13, 2010


No internet at all today at work. The Boss actually accepted an upgrade offer from a telemarketer for our phone/internet/FIOS. The caller identified himself as being from Verizon, but as it turns out, he was from a third party market. He assured my boss his static IP address (we run our own exchange server)(don’t ask me what that is- I just hear it referred to so often) would remain unchanged. Yeeeaaahhhh…riiiight. At 2:00 when he realized we had no connectivity, including email, he went ballistic, and basically pleaded with Verizon to re-set us back to what we had. Except that we had to have a new IP address, which then involved another phone call to his now defunct ISP, through whom all our mail is routed. If it all works tomorrow, it’ll be a blooming miracle!

So no Face book, no Drudge report, no blog-surfing, no email, no nuthing! But as it turns out, we’ve started 2 new big projects- a whole new building and a re-do of a previous job that hasn’t started yet. (not our fault- the doctors egos got in the way).

But anyway- here is progress on Quaker Halloween:

CS Quaker Halloween9

I love this stitch! I really want to swap it for the Gingerbread Cottage (which hasn’t been touched in 3 weeks!) for my “at-work “ project.

I had to make Em a tassel for her graduation Sunday, although the one she bought finally came in the mail today. Being crafty finally came in handy! I think I may have even impressed her with my mad tassel-skillz!


Here it is attached to her hat. Good enough for being in a crowd of several thousand graduates at BU. I don’t think she’ll stand out for having a home-made tassel!

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