Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No cooking…;^(

I’ve been thinking about hummus a lot lately, though. I found a couple of good recipes on Taste spotting, including this one. I could have sworn i found one in which the garlic clove was gently heated with the olive oil, then the oil & garlic are drizzled into the processor, but now I’m having trouble finding it. Maybe i saved it at work.

I made BBQ’d spare ribs in the crock pot today. They just have to be quick grilled & brushed with more sauce. Recipe: Cut your slab o’ ribs into sections that will fit in your crock pot (that hopefully you’ve lined with a Reynolds Slow Cooker Liner). As you layer each slab in the pot, pour some BBQ sauce over. You’ll use about the whole bottle, you can reserve some for the grilling step. Cook on low for 8 hours. The meat should be melting off the bone, which, while tasty, does cause some problems for the grilling step, because the meat will tend to stick to the grill. If you have a grill basket, that might work better. So to finish, fit your ribs in a grill basket-ety thing, brush with additional sauce, and let the sauce caramelize a bit- on the heat for maybe 10 minutes? turning over once.

Axe lost a hefty chunk of hoof somehow:

front right2

I packed the void with some gauze and duct taped it; of course it rained last night & today, so it’s nice and muddy in her pen, so that won’t last long. I have a call into Ernie the Farrier God. I’m thinking he can maybe infill the gap with epoxy until it grows out, just so that the hoof innards are protected from the elements, and she doesn’t go unevenly. The shiny stuff is a protectant that should be applied at least once a week. It smells like super glue. Em hasn’t been diligent about applying it regularly, as well as the Hoof Flex.

Sometimes you just have to take care of things yourself! We actually have work-work at work, so no stitching. It’s been over 3 weeks since I last worked on Gingerbread Cottage. I don;t really miss that as much as Quake Halloween.

Off to do a sink-load of dishes. (Even though I'm not cooking much!)


OnTheBit said...

I have a feeling that Ms. Axe found herself a fence or a tree root to get stuck in. At the clinic last week there was a farrier speaker after lunch and one of his clients horses had a bigger hole in her foot than that (you could see BONE) from that. I am sure your farrier can put some crap in there until it grows back.

Xeyedmary said...

Em had the same idea- great mind think alike! At least she doesn't seem lame on it (yet! keeping fingers crossed!)

Lemons said...

Wow, thanks for the link to my hummus recipe!