Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Back to Halloween…


CS Quaker Halloween20

That empty medallion at the lower left is supposed to be for personalization; I don’t know what I want in there, maybe not even initials.

CS Quaker Halloween20A

This center flower was a bitch. I unstitched various parts of it as I worked counter-clockwise no less than 3 times. The last was from the leaf at 11:00, back to the leaf at 2:00. Then I got my groove back.

After took the photos, I removed the fabric from my Q-snaps to iron. The wrinkles were aggravating my OCD. I also tested the threads for color-fastness. The Tapestry Green and the Aged Plum both bleed. Surprisingly, the black didn’t seem to leak! I ironed the piece and thankfully, most creases came out. Now I have it mounted in a scroll frame. I forgot about an eBay score I made for a multi-sized scroll frame set and it had rods the perfect length. Now I have to make another frame cozy to fit this size. In all my free time…..

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Deborah said...

Coming along nicely, Mary.