Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Finish!

BC Dec Swirls

“December Swirls” by Bent Creek on 28ct. natural linen w/ specified floss

My next start:

BC blackbird red

“Red-Winged Blackbird” by Bent Creek on 28 ct. natural linen. Obviously, I’ve turned him into a Black-winged red bird, or a red blue jay as Bob calls them, aka: a cardinal.

Jeanne gave us each a zippered pouch- she scored a deal on a multi-sized set from TJ Max. AND she baked her delicious blueberry coffee cake. I have a piece for breakfast tomorrow.

Mild Rant Alert:

One of the boarders at my old barn posted a R.I.P. about her horse on Face book page, who passed away yesterday unexpectedly. He was a sweet horse- I really liked him- she could be wacky, which means she must be terribly upset. She didn’t deal well when her other horse passed away a few years ago. Anyway, a mutual FB friend coincidentally made a mobile update, just after the memorial post. (At least I thought it was coincidental, based on what I knew or thought to be this girl’s personality and the fact that she’s in another state) The mobile post was a joke about “Is there any horse that doesn’t suck money out of your wallet?” The answer “ Yeah, a dead one.”  It was so horrifying and insensitive I had to write a private message that she may want to remove it, because this mutual friend’s horse had just died. I don’t know how FB works, but the joke post appears on my page just before the memorial and it’s SOOOO awful!! I just rechecked, and the joke is still there, now with comments adding insult to injury, literally. Not about the specific deceased horse, but the 2 people are FB friends so I know the grieving one can read the other’s updates, and vice versa. The fact that the offending post is still there makes me think she a.) doesn’t care  and/or  b.) made the joke specifically and intentionally in reference to the deceased horse. I’ve tried to politely point out her faux pas on the assumption it was unintentional. I guess she will be my first “un friend”. Gah!

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Deborah said...

Love the finish. I do seem to miss all the fun. Hope to see you guys next week.