Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wicked Wednesday Wrecipes…

I’ve been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger  for the past week. Work has taken off like crazy, including personal stuff. I’m going to have to work my last month of Fridays off to keep/catch up. Not much cooking has been going on, except for a chocolate cake for Bob (my Chocolate cupcake recipe), and a couple of batches of Creamy Chicken Taquitos for the freezer. I came across some sinful recipes today for the “Try-Sometime” List:

Butterscotch on Butterscotch Cake

Peanut Buttercup Popcorn from My Best Bites (OMG! The perils of having a Type I diabetic in the house! Do I DARE make this recipe????!!!!!)

and this one , which at first glance seemed similar to my Chocolate cupcake recipe:

Everyday Chocolate Cake from Smitten Kitchen. Actually, it’s a bit more than a little different, aside from the buttermilk. (I wish I had thought of baking in a loaf pan. I baked Bob’s in a single round layer; I turned it onto a wire rack (upside down) to cool. When I got back to it about an hour later, the bottom had cracked in 3 huge crevasses, so my plan of filling it went out the window. The top had domed so high, the weight of the cake edges pulled the whole thing apart when I cooled it upside down. Damn the luck!)(I flipped it over & just frosted it.)

And just for visual stimulation:

july10 axe jumper

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