Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Please Bear With Me…

I bought my Turbo Tax software and went to install it on Sunday. I got a prompt that said it would not install TurboTax because I did not have Windows XP Service Pack 3 installed. So I mumbled to myself  “Yeah and there’s a reason for that!” and turned the computer off (after browsing aimlessly thru Pinterest for another 15 minutes, thank you Jane, very much!
On Monday I remembered the portable hard drive Em gave me for Xmas 2 years ago, and decided to back up my files. This involved installing the backup software, which took about half an hour and then trying to set the back up parameters i wanted. I pressed “Back up” and there’s no status bar of any kind. I could hear my hard drive chugging away, and the tiny light on the portable was blinking away, but no indication of any kind that anything was working properly. So I let it go over night, and in the morning it showed a message that  the program became non-responsive and that the backup wasn’t complete, but a file was on the drive and it was 20 GB less empty. After I got home, i tried to restore a file, to no avail. Again with the piss-poor instructions. So I un-installed the software, and re-installed it, deleted the  I had backed up, and pressed “Back up”. This time it said “…initializing backup” then gave a percentage of completion.  But again it took so long, I let it go over night again, but in the morning it had the same error message, but a big chunk of GB was used again.
When I got home from work I tried again to restore one of the backed up files again with no success. So I took a deep breath tonight, crossed my fingers and installed Service Pack 3, and since I’m typing this post, everything seems to be working. Except the portable hard drive. I will try installing TurboTax tomorrow, after turning off & re-starting my computer again.
I’ve also been trying to stave off a head cold over the weekend. Yesterday an earache started- every 3-5 minutes it felt like a pencil was being jabbed into my ear. I dug out my bit-warmer rice pack and heated it and held it on my ear for about 2 hours. It was much better this morning.
And that is all.


Peggy Lee said...

OH you poor dear! I absolutely become irrational when the PC doesn't do what I want. I will admit I am no genius but sometimes it really ticks me off.

I haven't had earaches since I was a child but I remember being in tears with pain until the hot water bottle was brought to me, then it was instant relief.
I do hope you feel better soon (PC and earache)


Deb said...

Computers are the bane of my existence - or at least they were when I was running Windows. I finally got sick of all the headaches and virses and got a MAC - the best thing that I could have done. Never have a problem.

My heart goes out to you with the ear ache and I hope that it continues to get better. I used to have those all the time (and experienced a couple burst ear drums). Definitely not a fun thing to go through. Get better.

Kimmie said...


Aren't computers fun?! On top of the thought of taxes?

Feel better!!