Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Stitching Progress…

Beacon House:


I finished the stag, backstitched the first bunny, added his (her?) companion, continued the border outline and filled in with some snow. It seems this snow is about all we’ll be seeing this “winter” here in SE Massa –two-shits. (as the Prez likes to say it). I also did a bit more on my February ornament:

E&E&E Christmas Sampler2

I need to get cracking on this one or I’ll be behind all year long.


Krista said...

Nice progress. Looking forward to seeing the ornament. Have a great weekend!

Jeanne said...

That is very pretty! Great progress :)

Peggy Lee said...

Ohhh...LOVE Beacon House! Beautiful!

I had to laugh at your pronunciation of Massachusetts. One of the first things my MIL asked me when we met was how I pronounced the state she grew up in. I guess I passed!