Thursday, April 5, 2007

After Stitch & Bitch:

Here's my progress:

I just have two butterflies, and the bottom row of X-stitches, the straight stitches and rip out one heart to replace with a Rhodes Stitch heart. I got so wrapped up in this version of the chart, I forgot about the specialty stitches substitutions.

Here's leftovers from Sunday's Chinese that I had last night:

Under the silverware is beef teriaki, clockwise is General Gao's chicken (my new fave & I HATE sweet & sour!), then boneless spareribs, then a chicken finger, then pork fried rice. The Tiki Buddha has great food. I threw out what was left after this plate; I've been eating it every night since Sunday & it's time for a change.

I have to go check on the Axe. Maybe I'll find Amanda has ridden her. Keep those fingers crossed!


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