Sunday, April 22, 2007

Newest Progress...

Sorry- I've been lax about posting again. Here's progress on Kittys form S&B last Thursday:
I finished the grass except for 7 stitches under the gray cat, I finished the lower right corner with another black cat & "07", and did the viney thing above the grass on the right. The end is near!
Here's progress on "Wish":
I'm almost done with the right "S". My boss hung around the office ALL week. First, he bought new LCD flat screens (22"). He hooked mine up Tuesday afternoon. Thursday morning my system was flakier than a blizzard. By Friday afternoon he decided it was the new monitor. (GEE- ya think???)
Hopefully, he got it straightened out. He has me set up on his system, but I have no favorites so I can't check out all my stuffs including my Daily Jigsaw. It's VERY annoying.
Anyway, thta's all folks!

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