Monday, April 16, 2007

Remember This?

Here's some progress finally on My Wish Ornament:

I got the "I"s done and started on the first "S".

I wiped out at work today: the Terminex man had to access the house; I opened the door & realized they had set the alarm. I couldn't remember the disarm code, but had it written inside the office. I ran in, and then out and slipped on the slimy back step- fell flat on my stomach/hands/elbow, as the siren started. The heel of my left hand has a scrape that's still oozing bloody, as well as scrapes on the 1st knuckles of 3 fingers on the same hand. For the life of me I can't figure out how I managed to scrape BOTH sides of the same hand. Lucky me.

Chicken is now banned at Mickey D's. Bob took her for a happy meal at the drive thru Saturday. They opened the window to pass money and she saw the burger bag and smelled food! and dove right in past the cashier onto the floor. Bob had to go in & get her. She rolled over on her back with her little legs in the air- she knew she was a bad doggie!

I made these tonight: Cookie Madness Oatmeal Cookies:

I used Craisins, macadamias & some coconut. They came out delicious. My oven has been wonky lately though. I had to keep fiddling with the temp.

Back to the couch. Heroes is back next week I think.


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