Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are we there yet?

Sorry for the (again!) long pause between posts. I have progress pix to take & upload, but not tonight.
I put all the horses out yesterday - 12 that is - 3 stayed inside. Then when I was done at the barn I had to drive to my day job to finish a side project for 3 -1/2 hours. then speed back to the barn to bring them all in again & night feed.
Today, i was done relatively early because we decided to leave them in, but my close friends were having a baby shower, so I picked Emily up from the train, then drove her back to Boston to transport as much dorm stuff as she could do without for the next 2 weeks. Then speed back to the barn to do the evening grain- Bob's SO Jen did the hay.
Chicken's ready to disown me i've spent so little time with her.
I have to get my house ready for Mom next week, then Ireland!!! While we're gone, Emily's done with school.
Plus my grass needs mowing, but I have to pick up willow branch/debris prior to that, AND get the mower running.
I need a nap.
I will try my best to get progress shots- Kitty is SO close to done, I almost want to wait for that.
I have to decide on a travel project too!

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