Sunday, September 30, 2007


I know, Iknow-- it's been a while. My compouter here at home has been sucking dead llamas.

The longer I use it, the longer it takes to get a response from a mouse click. The worst is being online. It's eiteher my comnputer (Not my typing skills!!) or Verizon is deliberatley making the low-speed FIOS even slower, in an evil effort to force me to upgrade to the next higher speed for $10 more a month.

I do have progress on my 2 biscornus. The last time I tried to upload it didn't work. My scanner doesn't seem to be connectd anymore- no clue as to how THAT happened. Maybe I accidentally upgraded to XP SP2.

We started a new person on the weekend-nights feed. That will save me a ton of aggravation of having to go back. She seems to be of a sane-horse -person sort. As opposed to the barnful of nutty wackjobs we have as boarders.

I promise to TRY to get some photos. I know it's boring to read a blog of a total stranger without some visual interset, but aren't you enjoying the Decipher-the-Typo game?

Lets see:

Blurry Xmas biscornu (but you asked for it)

Freebie biscornu with Hawaiin Sunset TG silk on the stash scrap fabric.More thread gatherer's silks. Don't feel like getting teh nameas right now.

I have to go back up the barn to pay my board, and then have to do 2 loads of laundry, and wash a shit-load of dishes- rotisserie chicke for dinner w/ mashed & corn & pea & gravy.


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