Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm Free! I'm Free! oh- OUCH!

Well EMily is back to school. I swear the last month has been just insane She was very diligent in training her horse all summer, then she had a lesson a week with Liz, then the horse went to Liz's for the last week of training, and we moved Em partially into her dorm, then the show, then the rest of moving and a cookout for me, plus two more freakshow horses at the barn, so my day is going to be upwards of 7 hour there now.
I keep starting a list of things I have to do, like vaccuum, and bathe the dog and wash my floors and pay bills (which is what I'm supposed to be doing now) and CLEAN this freekin hell hole. I just have no free time anymore- I want to get out of this barn and go back to working for TWB on Saturdays. PLus, with Emily back at school, now I have to ride at least 3 times a week.

Hence the OUCH in my title- I rode bareback for just 20 minutes, and my backside is SO bruised! Anyway, I made gingerbread for S&B tomorrow (also on my list of things to do).
I'll post pix tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's horse show pix:

My two girls:


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