Sunday, October 21, 2007

Almost Done

I have one more weeeknd at the barn. Today was a show day so I had to be there at 5:00 am. I was done by 7-ish. Bob came over around 10:30. We drove aroind looking at barns- Oh! I see a new keyboard is not helpin gin the typo department. It must be me that's the problem! I decided to leave it with Emily as to what to do about Axe. She wants to go back to HBF, and I understand all the reasons why, but I just don't feel , in the long run, that it's the best place for her, as far as care goes, and costs to me. So at least she agreed to allow Axe to be moved to Alice & Dave's when a stall opens up there. I guess I can live with that. The barn in Berkley ended up being a "Go up every night to make sure she had water" place, too, and that was a 20 minute drive one way. Well, I have to make some beef stew for Bob at the barn & Dianne & Jen.

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