Thursday, October 11, 2007

Computer woes

The RAM & power supply my boss gave me didn't work- both were the incorrect types.
SO: I was going to go to our computer guy at lunch today to order what I DO need, and surmised to my boss I'd be spending about $100, so why not put it towards a whole new system, as my monitor is dying as well, and I'm running XP SP1. So for about $550, I'll get a new system with SP2, a 19" flat screen, a CD/DVD burner. I'll use my current 160 Gb harddrive, and my own version of XP that he'll upgrade. And I can have it back by Monday if I drop everyhting off tomorrow. Cool beans!
I got a 250 GB external hard drive for Emily to put all her music & documents & photos on, so I'll use that to make a backup of everything on both drives first. Oh.
I'll have to put my system back together again to do that.
I'm a woman goddammit! I can do Anything!!

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