Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's Tuesday!

I may be on to something in regards to my home PC: after suffering thru painfully slow click-response-times, and getting an "out of virtual memory" message the other day while scanning for problems, I had the idea of checking my system set-up. For soem reason I have only 240 MB of RAM. I vaguely recollect being pleased (oh so long ago) to have at least 512 (possibly more) MB for running XP, so even if I had less, the 240 MB is SUCH an ODD number.
I'm wondering, if, that day I came home to a burning electronics smell while Em was still home, and I opened up the case to blow all the dust out, maybe I dislodged one of my RAM chips.
i will have to do unhook everything (AGAIN!!!) and open it up (AGAIN!!!) to double check the chips and verify the size of my power supply (the most likely culprit of the burning smell). My faulty menopausal memory seems to corollate the timing of blowing the guts out with the subsequent crappy performance.
Oh- I didn't tell you I've been having hot flashes?Let me tell you- it's SO much fun- honestly- you should all try it! I also think menopause is causing my chronic exhaustion, crankiness, and aching joints. I can't even tell you how irregular my period has become, because I can't remember!!! I also think, though I've never seen it reported in a medical journal, that bad typing skills are exacerbated by menopause. Serioiu;sy!
So I can't tell you when I'll get to posting pictures again- I just don't have the time at work, plus the hardware. Our scanner here seems to make very pale scans, and it;s awkward pointing the image to the correct computer.
TTFN and sorry for the "menopausal" ie: irregualr postings.

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