Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Out with Old & In with the New...

I picked up my new PC at lunch. I can't believe how slim & light the moniter is! Well, at least the box it comes in. Supposedly everything as far as my data goes is on my desktop- keep your fingers crossed for me, and those of you with nimble toes- they'd help too!
The barn manager came to my house Monday evening to apologize for going off on me. I told him I just can't continue working there but I'd give him the last two weekends this month so he'll have time to find someone.
Axe so remembers her old stable mates- she never nickers at other horses at HBF, nor at ALice's, but she was so excited to see her old friends, Twister & Gabe.
I'm so grateful that I have such good friends who could take us in last minute.
For those of you tired of all text (and boring crap at that) and no pictures- I tried to scan progress shots of my biscornus, but I don't seem to have the Sharp software on my system here at work to receive the images. Don't know where THAT went- it was installed a long time ago.
I've got to run between two barns for the next two weeks & try to find a new place; I'll try to hook up my new system & re-install software as quick as I can so I can get pix posted. My new system has XP SP2, which I know is not compatible with my scanner, so unless I can find a driver update, that option is out.

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