Monday, October 15, 2007

Now I've Done it!

My PC should be ready today, but we shall see.
I quit mid-shift at the barn yesterday, not a wise thing to do in case you were thinking of trying it yourself, a combination of dead shit machine, Assface boy and my utter exhaustion caused me to just not care and then all hell broke loose. The barn manager told us to take the horse & leave- NOW!
which we did. Even though my quitting working there is entirely separate from paying board.
Of which they really need to refund half a month's worth.
I found another place, a little cheaper, but further away, but with an indoor where I can continue to ride her in the evenings after work. Now I just have to have Emily agree and she is SO pissed - beyond pissed- at me.
Axe spent the night at a friend's barn- the place where I wanted to bring her, except they had just rented their last stall the day before. Can you believe my luck?
Well, I have to get to work to take my mind of this stuff.

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