Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost done!

I worked on the stocking @ lunch yesterday and I'm almost done:

Mar 12

Just have to finish to 2 large leaves on either side of the stem.

When I got my mail, I found this inside:

mary clark sampler

I won this from the Online Needlework show last month from The Marking Samplar. It's a reproduction sampler called 'Mary Clark". It calls for 40 ct linen & is about  6" x 9" or so.

Emily says Axe's back ankle was puffy last night. I have to go check today. She may have been inside due to rain all day, and stocked up. I'll have to hose it or ice it today possibly. :^(   Last time it was during the winter & I could use bags of snow- very convenient!


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Wanda said...

How is Axe now? I hope it was nothing too terrible bad. I can see where the snow would be great for moments like that! ha ha