Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Stitching...

I finally finished page 5, and am officially 25% done with Garden Grew:


Although, there appears to be a wee open area in which to stitch an extra one of those cute ladybugs at the far right.

Here's the start of the third March BBD stocking:

Mar 10

It's the daffodil portion.

Now, off to wash someone's supper dishes that were left in the sink last night after they came home at 9:00 PM hungry.

I must say, the cowboy seems very good at motivating the daughter to pack stuff away. She's actually making progress with all the dorm stuff. My little pathways are actually leading to small open areas! And, she's been very good at riding every day.  I would have even mowed some lawn tonight, except the grass was too damp. Tomorrow will be good for that chore.


OnTheBit said...

Hey - I left you a blog award at my blog so come on by to pick it up!

Wanda said...

I'm getting caught up after being away for 2, things changed fast at your house! I hope the cowboy continues to keep your daughter motivated so your home looks somewhat like it's supposed to! Your garden is really growing. I didn't realize how BIG it is! It's looking nice and you really got it down how to photograph it all! Respect!!